Arranged Marriage

Arranged marriage may be the traditional way of conducting marriages from your ancient times. Much have changed nowadays and today in many elements of the world especially the western part, marriage decision is completely left to the two people who decide to live together based on love, trust and dedication to each other. This love, trust and commitment is made over time by knowing one another. But in majority of the Middle East and south Asian countries marriage is still fully arranged or otherwise partly arranged through the elders in the family and also by other authorities and also the so called gatekeepers of the society. These individuals have considerable influence on the family based on religious and caste based structures.- Clase Para Matrimonos y Parejas

Let's quickly understand what an arranged marriage is and what are the positives and negatives with the arranged type of marriage. Further if you decide to go for an arranged marriage it might be also wise to take some tips and guidelines with this type of marriage. In the first place, we can define arranged marriages as marriages that are primarily decided by third parties other than the two people who are actually going to get married. Additionally it is called as prearranged marriage. Because this kind of marriage is arranged by someone besides the persons actually marriage, the process of courtship is completely curtailed or shortened to some great extent. Now these "other persons" in highly traditional societies might include parents, family elders, relatives, priests and non secular leaders. In a bit more liberal atmosphere we are able to see the utilization of the services of matchmaking agents, family friends and matrimonial sites. It's been seen that the matrimonial sites offer at least some scope for that couple to know one another before getting married. Other avenues, to a huge extent are out from the direct control and influence of the actual people getting married.

Arranged marriage: Positives from the arranged type of marriage

Now let's analyze the positive points with the arranged type of marriage. The foremost and foremost thing that makes mind when we discuss the positives of arranged marriage will be the full support with the families from both sides. Arranged marriages are decided after great deal of meetings and discussions among parents and elder members in the family and therefore the chance of any discord in the family as regard towards the marriage can be mostly eliminated out. Further these marriages are designed on a solid foundation of two families joining together and therefore the actual people getting married get lot of confidence. Actually the trust one of them increases to a degree because of the all round approval. Arranged marriage settings actually eliminate lot of burden and uncertainty from your lives of the unmarried girls and boys. For example if the boy or even the girl fully understand that they are going to get married only through arranged kind of marriage then they don't need to take the trouble of hunting their life partners by their very own. They can concentrate all their energies on more purposeful and fruitful endeavours like higher education and a career by leaving the decision of their marriage completely for their parents. The other together with your arranged marriage include financial and physical support from both the families for the newly wedded couple when it comes to starting a new household of their very own. Moreover the nuclear family also provides a cushion in relatively tougher times. The future benefits of an arranged marriage include a secure environment for an additional generation under the watchful eyes of the grandparents and a large family.

Arranged marriage: Negatives with the arranged type of marriage

As we have discussed the positives of arranged marriage in great length we ought to also be aware of the negatives and shortcomings from the arranged type of marriage. One of the greatest drawbacks of the arranged marriage would be that the most important decision of a person's personal every day life is taken by somebody else. There is no work involved in the boy or the girl to find their life partner and there isn't any personal relationship involving the boy and girl according to love, understanding and commitment to a live a life together. The boy and girl are strangers to one another and they don't know the needs and wants of each other. This can latter cause lot of distress and may become a prime basis for marital discord. Further there is no guaranty that the trust between your families and elders which are seen in the initial days will continue for long. A small issue one of the senior members of the family will get blown out of proportion and therefore the large egos with the parents and other senior loved ones can completely destroy the marriage. Further arranged marriages are the biggest cause of dowry demands and dowry related problems. These marriages are also the biggest hindrance to private development and independence in everyday life. The girl and the boy become influenced by their families and they become not capable of even taking the smallest decisions of these life by their particular. Further there is lot of interference from the families even in the most trivial of matters and also the boy and the girl never figure out how to sort of their lives the direction they want. Socially also arranged kind of marriage is the biggest hindrance towards a society which is depending on equality among the people. Arranged marriages would be the biggest propagators of the caste system and conservative faith.

Arranged marriage: Strategies for arranged type of marriage

Every system has its own positives and negatives. If you have decided that arranged marriage is the only way that you can get married in the current circumstances prevailing in your daily life then it would be wise to increase the positives of the arranged marriage and steer clear of the negatives towards the maximum extent. The foremost thing that you need to do is always to become accountable concerning your own marriage. Don't leave the choice of your marriage in other people hands. It is in the end your life and therefore your opinion has to be respected. This is something you should communicate for your parents and elders inside your home. Next is the supply of getting a good match. Today when communications occur at lightning speed it's good to use tools like web based matrimonial sites for searching your daily life partner. With this mode you'll have some control in the selection process as you get a chance to directly get in touch with the other person to whom you will get married and further there is also chance of brief courtship through this mode. No less than by this method it is possible to know your life partner a little better before getting actually married and you may also minimize dowry related demands and problems.

Further look into the horoscopes for a match if both families insist on it. This will increase the confidence among the families as well as the those who are getting married. It is highly desirable to maintain at least 3-4 months period gap between the time the marriage is bound and the actual marriage date. Apart from courtship and understanding one another, this time can be utilized for checking and rechecking the antecedents of the individuals who are getting married. This period can be also a good opportunity for that two families to mingle with each other and create enough rapport so that any future misunderstandings could be avoided. Finally the most important point to remember would be that the success of any marriage whether arranged or love marriage is dependent upon the two individuals who are actually getting married. It is definitely in their hands to help make the marriage a big success or even a big failure.- Clase Para Matrimonos y Parejas


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